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joe. a series of sexual assaults in the lake merit area of oakland and police find themselves at a dead end. tonight they are asking for for the public's help in capturing the suspect. a camera may have caught him walking down the street. >> according to the opd they said this footage helped them a lot. this is the only footage available to them right now. >> reporter: they found the owner who installed them above his door. he was robbed in january. that determination to not be a victim has paraded what the police need. >> this is a description of the police. >> they will only say the 6- foot tall medium complex african-american man is a person of interest in the two week old attack. but we know this video cas captured just 2 blocks from the february 7th attack and minutes afterwards, there's more, the description of the person of interest matches that of three
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other attacks dating back to september, all near lake merit. where wanted flyers pock mark store counters and windows. >> i've lived in this neighborhood for 20 years. >> worried neighbors gathered with oakland police tonight to discuss what they can do to stop the attacks and possibly put an attacker behind bars. now police tell me officers walk the street with a still from the video you have just seen for about two weeks. that has apparently generated no leads so they have gone public asking for your assistance. meanwhile, those who live around lake merit will be on the streets tomorrow 6:00 p.m. starting at 18th and park. they are doing what they call a safety patrol, passing out whistles, they are trying to get this person caught. dana. >> that's great the community has come together. all right in oakland, robert liles, thank you. sources are telling cbs news tonight that a saudi arainan student living in texas was one chemical away from having the materials he needed
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to make a real bomb. the feds didn't know about the 20-year-old until three weeks ago when a north carolina company called to say that he was trying to buy a key chemical in making home made explosives. he was arrested yesterday and will be in court tomorrow. the dallas home of former president george w. bush was among his potential targets, agents say the suspect wrote in a journal that after master english and learning how to build explosives it was time for guy had. are fighting back, even thoh anti- meanwhile in libya soldiers and militia men loyal to libyan leader moammar kadafi are fighting back even though protestors control most of the eastern part of that city. the capital of tripoli is all but locked down as he fights to hold onto power. he accused osama bin laden for
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fueling the unrest by putting halucinogennix in the protestors coffee. and a family grieving their son in a rafting accident, their home was ransacked and robbed. it happened this morning while they were at the funeral. he and his friend died in a rafting trip 0 a rain-swollen creek. novato police are waiting to see the cause of death on a body found underneath a woman's barbecue. her husband dale disappeared at least 5 months ago. but investigatestors have not confirmed yet it is his body. police say evelyn smith is a person of interest in this case. and a livermore woman pleaded no contest today to charges that she had sex with two underaged boys. christine hobbs will be
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sentenced to five years in state prison. police arrested her in august after the mother of one of the boys found a nude photo of hobbs on his cell phone. san jose is about to lose one of its most valuable crime fighting tools. the reason? money. as kiet do tells us they don't believe its loss will be a sign for the criminals to run loose in the city. >> as far as crime fighting tools go, the san jose chopper is effective but not cheap. it costs $1.4 million a year. >> really valuable. at the same time it's a valuable asset. >> so starting march 20th air 2 will be grounded. the chopper will be ready to launch but only used in extreme emergencies. >> it is not going to be in routine uses. that's why we're keeping it on the ground. if we had an earthquake or something where we needed to have that asset we would put it in the air. >> equipped with thermal cameras and a powerful spotlight it almost always
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catches whatever suspects it is chasing. they do not believe grounding the helicopter will 'em bolden crooks. >> there are other helicopters 0 through the, so for somebody to say whether i know there is a helicopter there or not, i don't think they can say that with any certainty. i'm not sure, that's why we're going to do this test. they are facing the 10th we're of historic budget deficits and could lay off 350 police officers to help balance the budget. union president george beaty says it's a tough choice between the helicopter or layoffs. >> you have to put that on a scale, i think it's more important to have officers on the street than a helicopter in the air. but we are certainly going to miss the value that the helicopter provided for us over the last decade or so. >> in san jose, kiet do, cbs5. >> money problems at the state level have a california watchdog group recommending pension changes. tomorrow, the little hoover commission will recommend to the governor that state and local governments roll back pensions for existing employees, dump guaranteed
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retirement payouts, and put more of the pension burdens on workers. among the most controversial proposal, freezing existing employee pension benefits and len lowering them for future years work. retirements have grown costing the state a lot of money as tax revenue has plunged. can golf, or rather can a golf course help solve some of the state's money problems? some people believe that themont claire golf course can help fill the state's covers. the golf course sits in the oakland hills just off highway 13. grace lee on how that golf course could net the state some much-needed cash. but this time, not from ride >> if golf can solve marty ferrell's problems. >> i come here a lot. i come here sometimes twice a week the hit golf, hit the driving range. >> reporter: even in the rain? >> oh absolutely. >> reporter: then could this driving range and 9-hole government course in oakland help the state with its $25 billion deficit? perhaps its an ace in the hole.
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maybe. the state owns 1 1/2 of the 10 acres of themont claire golf club. the city of oakland owns the rest. caltrans bought the property in 1955 to widen the nearby freeway but those plans went into the rough. the state could earn 1.5 million bucks if it is sold. a good idea? woo asked governor brown about the state edge the land. >> i did not know about it. if it does, i hope we're making some money from it. >> reporter: hardly any. currently the state collects a paltry $840 per year in rent from oakland. >> $840 a year? well that's a bargain. >> reporter: meaning, since 1959, caltrans has collected less than $37,000 for the property. it sounds so easy, so why doesn't caltrans just sell themont claire golf course? >> depends who is gonna buy it. i don't think oakland has the money to buy it but certainly we could look at that. the state has property and where we can sell it and make money, fine.
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>> reporter: because of all the power lines and the hills in this area caltrans says the only entity that would buy this property would be the city of oakland. it's in the process of appraising this land and, if it does sell it, it says that money will go into the state highway fund. inmont claire, grace lee, cbs5. and coming up, complaints against muni, but this time, not from riders. why state regulators say the transit agency is falling short on safety. >> i'm so tired of pretending like my life is perfect and bitching and winning every second. >> that's charlie sheen in the radio about to say something that will keep him out of work for a little while longer. his rant against his bosses and his boweses' response.
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accusing muni of numerous sy violations, and being chronically sive to investigator tonight state regulators are accusing muni of violations and are being chronically unresponsive to the findings. they plan to start the process of considering potential penalties against muni. puc staffers are concerned about the condition of the light rail system including noted deterioration at church and dubois street, or dubois street and problems with the automated train control system. he says he is disappointed by the cpc's move but he says the
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transit agency has fixed some problems and has plans to fix the remainder by next month. most men know what you wear down there could affect your ability to father a child. but, there is more to male infertility than that of course. dr. king mull visit hill on the overall declining sperm count among american men and what's causing it. >> dave and terry have been trying to get pregnant for five years and assumed the problem was hers. >> it never crossed my mind that i was infertile or would have an issue with fertility. >> do you think men think much about their fertility, their future fertility. >> no, men do not think about fertility. they are immortal. >> guys are like cars. >> men are engines that run hard almost all the time and you can give it diluted fuel, water it down, you know, get it out of tune somehow. >> reporter: diluting the fuel, not something most men like to
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think about, but according to studies in europe and the u.s. sperm counts and sperm quality have been dropping for the past 50 years and guys typically have no idea how the environment or their own lifestyle can affect fertility. >> you know, you can bring a sperm can't to zero taking hot baths every other day for a month, it will take you three months to recover to go to zero. >> reporter: but wait, there's more. >> smoking nicotine or tobacco or drugs, opiates, stress. >> reporter: do you keep a cell phone in your pocket? use a laptop computer on your lap? both can possibly raise testicular temperatures enough to hurt sperm production. some pesticides mimic horizon moans that affect quality. and for the first time sperm can be affected by business fee knoll a. >> the average person probably nose more about diet than they do about their reproductive
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health. >> dave and terry are among more than 8 million couples in the u.s. with fertility problems. more than half the time the problem is partially or totally on the male side. >> i have been on male birth control for five years and didn't know it. >> reporter: around the time of his marriage, dave complained of low energy to his doctor who prescribed testosterone treatments, testosterone and other steroids can cause sister little. >> having a family, which i could do consider part of my identity, i think we're stuck right now and that makes me angry. >> reporter: anger, disbelief, desperation. infertility is a diagnosis many men don't expect. >> these are things a death in the family, losing a limb, or being told you had cancer. these are the same emotional impact. they never thought it. it knocks them out. >> reporter: male infertility is often curable. his advice to men, although he says most probably won't listen, is to treat your body
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as well as you treat your car. >> the body wants to work really hard, it wants to do the best it can, and you can hurt that. take better care of yourself. th t tonight, after >> reporter: dr. kim mull visit hill, cbs5 health watch. "two and a half men" will not finish out the season, that announcement tonight after charlie sheen's rant on a radio station this morning. at one point he targeted the show's producer, chuck lorre, calling him time. >> if i check time i spent i think close to the last decade, effortlessly and magically converting your continue can into pure gold. i'm dealing with fools and trolls, dealing with soft targets. >> machine also took him at alcoholics, took aim rather at alcoholics anonymous calling it a boot leg cult. production of the top-rated sitcom was suspended in january to allow machine to get rehab treatment. machine's publicist said he was
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expected to resume taping next week. that's until he hit the airwaves this morning. oint sed on the and cbs entertainment, warner brothers, release this had joint statement. "based on the toe alberta of charlie sheen's statements, conduct and condition, cbs and warner brothers television have decided to discontinue production of "two and a half men" for the remainder of the season." cbs has already aired all of the episodes that were shot this season. figurative snowstorm there. we're going to have a real one maybe. right brian? >> yeah, i was wondering how you were going to get from charlie sheen to weather. very nice. low pressure off of oregon right now, the cold front in advance is now just beginning to nudge to california. from long experience, i know what's going to happen tomorrow morning. people all over the bay area are gonna go "where is the snow." it's all a matter of timing, the snow is not due in until late tomorrow, tomorrow night it will be saturday morning when much of the bay area weeks
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up to a lot of snow, rain in the mountains, so from mount diablo to mount hamilton to mount tam, saturday morning is the time when you're a photographer to go out and capture the stuff. in the meantime get this far enough south and have enough precip left in order to make sure we have got snow that is going to be coming in tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, and beyond. the doppler radar, we're looking for a widely scattered showers, a quarter inch of rain falling up in napa county, we have had about the same amount around the peninsula and for the bay area we're going to be looking for the forecast tonight for continued rain. not a big rainmaker, it's not going to be a huge snow maker except by california standards, we've got east bay and santa cruz mountains above 1,000 feet, rain above 2500 feet. much of mount hamilton will be covered. the temperatures will reach 40s, but highs tomorrow probably in the morning,
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temperatures will drop like a rock in the afternoon, cold, gusty winds to 20 miles per hour, the potential for snow tomorrow, as we look ahead we'll clear it out saturday. going to be cold "the big chill" is coming in this weekend. that's going to be the story this weekend. snow is going to be the story tomorrow night. we'll get a bit of a chance to dry out and warm out on monday and tuesday, rain coming in on wednesday and thursday. >> i have one question for you quickly. what happened to all the snowy were supposed to have? just getting you ready. just getting you ready. >> you see what i have to put up with? see what i do. >> see you at the grocery store. when was the last time you paid in cash. it's like when was the last time you paid with a 50-cent piece? how about when was the last time you saw a 50-cent piece. ken is going to check in on the currency, that's tonight's good question.
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awer "eyewitness news" is brought to you by mazda. zoom zoom. see them much at the cash register. yeah, you probably have 1 or 2 stashed away in a drawer somewhere but you don't see them much at the cash register these days. jim shock in mill valley wants to know what's happened to 50- cent pieces, half dollars, that's tonight's good question. back in the '60's, people had jars full of kennedy half dollars. now, you don't see 'em much. >> somebody today told me for instance he gave a half dollar in change to somebody and she wouldn't take it because she didn't know what it was.
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>> san francisco coin dealer dean whitter says the government minted 10 to 30 million kennedy half dollars a year following the president's assassination but stopped putting them in circulation in 2001. >> 2001 the government finally said "we have enough half dollars, no one really wants them, including the casinos any more, and they stopped making them for general circulation." >> whitter says the minute still stamps out about a million a year for collectors but out side of that they are gone. just to show you how rare these 50-cent pieces are now, even in a coin dealer's register there is a slot for 50s but it's empty. where did they all go? >> where did they all go? i don't know. he says it's possible people are hoarding them but more likely the federal reserve has taken them back. >> they have got to be somewhere and they haven't been, i don't think, destroyed, and meanwhile there are probably 3 or 400 million coins that are in existence. so it's a very good question. >> go to, click on
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"connect" to send me your good questions. the raiders played some big news off the field today. i'm dennis o'donnell. and a shocker, or is it a shocker, this game is just winding down. can, can st. mary's win the conference? next.
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saint mary's had a chance td that that's right, sponsored. gonzaga has won 10 straight west coast conference states, but st. mary's had a chance to end that mickey mcconnell cuts through the lane, finds art bishop reardon star for the go- ahead three. tied again at 76.
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this time mickey mcconnell with the basketball for the win. this is for the win? no. went to overtime. right now st. mary's leads that game by one point in the closing second. jorge gutiirrez and cal trailed oregon by 11, outscored the ducks 21 in the second half. cal wins by 10. stanford lost to oregon state tonight. we have nfl news. good news for raider fans i guess. quarterback stanford routt agreed to a three-year contract with the raiders for 3 1 1/2 million, are you kidding me? 6 career strengthses. interceptions. they put the one there. fowler crushed phil mikkelson at match play today. he was 8 under through 13, he beat him 6-5:00 you know what that means? >> he likes wearing pink. >> he was up by 6 holes with
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only 5 left to play. that is a thrashing of major proportions. >> mickelson just couldn't see. he was blinded by that hot pink. >> we'll see you at 11:00 and tell you if it is snowing yet. ores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off when you spend twenty five on-the-spot, with no exclusions!
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off on the spot when you spend twenty five storewide. and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off when you spend twenty five on-the-spot, with no exclusions! jcpenney. hey! hey! i got you one. oh, wow, thank you. yeah. i'm just gonna grab some chips. you want some? no, thanks. uh, we're still having lunch today, right? i guess. how dare you?
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(michael) hey, toby? what's this? oh... "i just wanna remind everyone "about the company rules involving pda, or public displays of affection." yes, some people in the office have complained. oh, really. about some other people engaging in pda. and, you know, just wanted to remind them it's not appropriate to do that. is this about me and jan in my office? because i will have you know that that was consensual. what we did has nothing to do with you or anyone here. i don't think anyone heard anything. we were very discreet. and--and most people had left by that point. so i don't think it's any of your business. what i think you should do, is roll up the memo real tight... okay, look, the memo was not about you. for the record, i have never been involved with anyone at work in any capacity. all right, everyone, look. all right, the complaint was about jim and pam. so... no way. what?
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you guys are together? um... yep. yes, we are. whoa! wow! tuna! i knew it! awesome! to the two of you. (michael) yes! yes! toby, was this your fun little way of congratulating us? yes. (michael) okay. mind is exploding.

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